International Delivery

We can send wine door to door practically anywhere in the world.

Our international wine delivery service is provided by nzwinehome. Their reliable fully inclusive door-to-door service goes to practically anywhere in the world. Check out their key service points on

Their delivery rates are listed here. Please note, there are volume discounts that apply to all destinations.

Please contact us by email if you require us to send you wine internationally.

Destination 8 Bottles 12 Bottles 15 Bottles Delivery Time Frames
(+$30 per case for Tasmania. WET Tax may apply.)
$99 $120 $120 Airfreight
1-4 weeks
(Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden)
$215 $258 $258 Seafreight
7-14 weeks
Hong Kong $90 $118 $118 Airfreight
1-5 weeks
Japan $190 $268 $268 Airfreight
2-4 weeks
Singapore $215 $258 $258 Airfreight
1-4 weeks
United Kingdom
(+$95 per case for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and outer islands)
$120 $165 $165 Seafreight
6-14 weeks
United States
(+$95 per case for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)
$190 $230 $230 Airfreight
3-6 weeks